New Blog, Now on Ghost

So I recently went ahead and started running my blog on Ghost, a blogging platform that seems like a Node powered up-and-coming competitor to Wordpress, with a bit more emphasis on being tinker-friendly to coders like me. I hear enough horror stories about Wordpress that the idea of something a bit younger, a bit less "automagical", and hopefully having a bit less cruft while also being more open to tinkering and customizing appealed to me. I previously took a shot at hosting this blog through a static site generator, but tinkering with the configuration ended up taking more time than I would have liked, and cutomizing my own theme ended up being somewhat impenetrable for someone like me who's not a fully-proficient web developer. In the end, I ended up feeling out for a more out-of-the-box solution, even if it had to be dynamic, but one I could still feel comfortable messing and tinkering with. Ghost seems to fit that niche.

On my previous blog the first thing I wrote after setting the thing up was a detailed description of how I was running and hosting the thing, as well as some info on what was involved in setting it up. Likewise, it seems natural enough to do that again here. In the next few days, I hope to share a write up of what getting this site (in its current form) involved. It will be part tutorial, part documentation for myself when this all surely breaks months from now and I'm struggling to remember the details.