Introducing: Solo RPG Book Club

As I dust off the cobwebs on this blog to move it to a new VPS and overhaul its deployment, I'm reminded that this blog embodies a number of unspoken, outstanding promises. There's more than a few projects I feel guilty for never starting if for no other reason than I intended to write about them on here months ago. Top of the list of my shame, however, are all the RPG books I haven't read yet own. At least half of my bookshelf is comprised of RPG systems I've yet to read, let alone play. So, I thought I might leverage my to-read list guilt together with my remorse over neglecting this blog and start a regular feature on here where I read and summarize role-playing game books. A solo book club, rather than a review series, producing gamer's digests rather than assessments of quality.

Half the inspiration for this comes from the few occasions I have undertaken to read an RPG book and found myself struggling to remember all the details. I'm a firm believer that what is expressed is impressed, so the exercise of summarizing these systems should be constructive in learning them. But I also hope these outlines might be useful in themselves—at least, as useful as they can be given the likelihood I'll be writing them without first playing these games.

I'll try to post the first entry in the series next week, likely covering either Dungeon World or Stars Without Number.