A(nother) Dungeons & Dragons Attribute Generator

After releasing a small attribute roller last October, one of the first suggestions I got received for an additional feature was the ability to specify arbitrary, custom constraints on each attribute roll-out. This was obviously a bit more complex than letting users choose from an enumerated list of bespoke algorithms, but I finally sat down a month or two ago to start figuring out the details, and I am happy to present the product of my work here:

Rollout: A Dungeons & Dragons Attribute Generator

If I find the time I would love to detail the interesting technical aspects of this project (React! Redux! CSS Modules!) But for now I'll just share the most popular requirements users are using at the moment:

  • At least two scores of 15 or higher, with one score that is at most +7,
  • At least one score that is 18, at least one score under 10, and the scores all added together must be at least 72.
  • At least one score of 18, at least one under 10, all scores must be at least 6, and the scores added together must be at least 71.

Hopefully this tool should be able to cover any combination you could imagine. I'll just note for the sake of it that none of the requirements are "aware" of other requirements, so a requirement of "at least 1 score of 13 or more" is redundant if you already have a rule like "at least 1 score of 15 or more"—the more extreme requirement will insure a score that satisfies the lower threshold. What you probably intend is for one score that is at least 15, and another that is at least 13. You can accomplish this by "including" the more extreme (higher) scores in your relatively relaxed rule. e.g.

  • At least 1 score 15 or more
  • At least 2 scores 13 or more

Anyhow, I hope people find this fun, and I'll be working on it in the future over at Github, so feel free to submit an issue if you have any questions or requests.